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Policy Master is a leading firm registered under Companies Act and approved by IRDAI maintains or own portal and provide information on insurance products of different insurers and ensures that you get access to Instant quotes from leading motor insurance providers in seconds.
Policy Master Benefits:
  • Issue a policy in just a couple of minutes.
  • Get instant quotes and policy from leading insurance companies.
  • Hassle-free, no paper work, no need to call or visit any company branch.
  • You can even close the customer case on phone.
  • No Documents required.
  • Earn much more at no cost to you.
  • There is no need to worry if you don’t have a Smart phone.
  • You can also access our platform on your laptop/desktop and you can issue a policy and avail all benefits through the same.
  • Contact your Sales Officer for your one time setup.
  • Our payment process is directly linked to the insurance company gateways and is 100% secure.
  • In case of any queries/issues related to payment made on the gateway, you can contact us at +91-7835023645 or write to us at
  • Your query will be resolved within 48 hrs.
  • We work with all the leading insurers who provide the lowest quotes and best service to meet our customers’ requirements.
  • Our current partners on the online platform are: Star Health, HDFC ERGO, Bajaj Allianz, Bharti Axa, Shriram General Insurance, Royal Sundaram and Religare.
For any queries related to your referral fee structure, please get in touch with your Sales Officer or ASM.
For any subsequent renewals, the partner against whom the case is mapped will continue to get full credit for their renewal business.
  • You can easily generate premium quotes across vehicle make and model from our Policy Master Portal.
  • All you need to input is Vehicle Make and Model and Year of purchase.
  • No personal details, line phone no and email ID are required to generate a quote.
  • You can also share this quote instantly for your referral.
  • You are authorized to only share the quotes auto-generated through our Portal, with your clients.
  • Any change in the auto generated is possible only after approval from insurer's under-writing team.
Your policy upload could have been rejected for any one of the following reasons:-
  • Wrong Document uploaded- Only current insurance policy document is accepted.
  • The document uploaded is not readable.
  • The document is manually edited.
  • There is any doubt about the authentication of the document.
You can share the vehicle details with us at and we will immediately update the same in our database.
  • For any Claims, you can simply call us @ +91-7835023645 or write to us at
  • Our team will guide and assist you/your customer during the claim process and will ensure that your customer faces no problems.
  • We will guide you to ensure speedy claim acceptance and servicing.
  • At Policy Master, we value your contribution to our business and ensure that all your payouts are made by 10th of every month.
  • However, in case there is any query or issue related to your payout, you can check if the bank account details provided are correct.
  • You can contact us at with your registered mail id or mobile no.
  • This happens when there is a delay in confirmation of payment received from the Payment Gateway to the Insurer. Rest assured, if the payment has been deducted the policy will be issued for sure. In case of a failed payment, normally the Payment Gateway credits back the bank account within the same day.
  • In such cases, please send the bank message/statement which shows the amount deducted
  • Please make sure that you mention Client name, premium amount and Insurer name.
  • We will strive to work with the Insurers to resolve your query within 48 hrs.
  • As a precaution, we would recommend you not to do multiple transactions within the same session.
Our platform supports all payment options that are integrated with the insurers payment gateway, including e-Wallets wherever available.
  • Please make sure you check all the details of the policy in the last page prior to a payment being made.
  • Despite  pre-cautions, in case there is an error in the policy please mention the endorsement type and send us an email with RC COPY and previous insurance copy to
  • We have an option to raise the endorsement from Help Desk section under My Account. You can select the policy number against which you need to raise the endorsement, attach required documents and submit the request.
  • Please note that endorsements have to approved by the Insurers. In case there is a complete change of details, like change in Regn No, Engine No & Chassis No, in the same endorsement then such cases will not be approved by the Insurers for Endorsements.
  • Again as a pre-caution, do not open 2 transactions on 2 different tabs at the same time in case you are using the web-link. You must complete the transaction, close the tab and restart again for a new transaction.
  • Free Roadside Assistance service for both two & four wheelers are issued directly by us to your customers, against their email ID and Mobile nos
  • Only one RSA service can be offered against a unique email ID and mobile no.
  • Please ensure that you provide correct email ID and mobile no of your customers to avoid rejection.
  • No RSA will be issued against partner email ID and Mobile no hence it is important for your to provide the customer email id and phone no at the time of transaction. Please be assured that your data is secured with us.
  • Please be assured that you would have no burden of servicing the claim.
  • The Policy Master team is available to help your customers in case of any claim related help.
  • You can check the Claim Reporting number for all our insurance partners on the Portal.
  • Moreover we work with only those insurers who provide cashless service. Since the cashless facility is operated through the car service workshops, it is unlikely to be ever escalated to you.
  • You should just keep two important things in mind whenever your talk to your customers:
    • Every vehicle has a compulsory deductible of upto Rs 2000 for cars & Rs. 100 for 2 Wheelers.
    • In most cases, there is a depreciation charged on the vehicle. Eg: If the 2 year old front fender worth Rs 10000 is to be replaced, then a depreciation of 10% for each year will be charged. Hence the customer will be charged Rs. 2000 and balance Rs 8000 will be reimbursed by the insurer.
  • First, Policy Master is here to provide a free reminder service and there is no compulsion to buy through the link sent.
  • Having said that, it should be borne in mind that normally the premium rates for policies purchased through Dealers are much higher since they expect higher payouts.
  • A number of members and relations to be covered- Because this will be the basis of buying the policy.
  • Type of coverage – Individual, family floater or group.
  • Sum insured or coverage amount – Ensure that you consider future expenses too.
  • Room rent – Check for the capping amount or criteria defined, if applicable.
  • Sub-limits or co-pay applicable – Check for the sub-limits applicable for some specific list of ailments or package treatments. Also, check if the plan has co-pay feature.
  • Network hospital list – Check for the list of network hospitals and try buying a policy which covers your regular hospitals.
  • The Policy wording – Most important thing to check before buying a policy. In case you are not sure about certain terms or conditions you can always contact the insurer for clarification.