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Group Insurance

Q1.  What is Group Insurance?

Group Insurance refers to the type of insurance which covers a ‘group’ of people under single insurance policy. Here “Groups” can be employer-employee groups or non employer-employee groups (Examples are holders of the same credit card or members of the same social group and etc.)

Q2.  Importance of Group Insurance?

  • One master policy will be issued to the Manager of the group and the same will be in the name of that group.
  • A certificate of insurance will be entitled in the case of non employer-employee group policy.
  • The certificate will consist of following details:-
    • The schedule of benefits.
    • Premium charged.
    • Terms and conditions of the cover.
  • In case you leave the group, your cover could be ceased by the Insurer.
  • Details like premium rate and terms of the policy including the premium discounts offered to the group should be disclosed by the group’s manager and should pass on the discounts to all members.
  • The manager of the group has to disclose any administrative or other charges he is collecting from members over and above the premium charged by the insurance company.